A Thank You To Our Gold Medal Winners

thank you to our gold medal winners

The time was 15:00 and the OSW staff all sat together to watch the England women's team play in the Commonwealth Games Final. 

After the success of Olympic Gold in 2016 it was fantastic to see the building that had happened over the last 6 years to develop what has become a young, vibrant and inspiring squad of women. After the success of England Football Lionesses the week before, it has been a brilliant time for England team sport. 

Not only did the team make history by winning their first ever Commonwealth Gold, they did so on home ground with an incredible crowd. The stuff dreams are made of. Their performances throughout the tournament were incredible with some key stats that deserve to be highlighted.

Most Goals - 23

Most Penalty Corner Goals - 14

Joint top goal scorer - Grace Balsdon

It was also fantastic to see so many players and coaches who OSW have worked with both directly and indirectly as part of our sponsorship programme or wider coaching network through ONE Hockey. 

Players such as:

Fiona Crackles

Tess Howard

Ellie Rayer

Maddie Hinch

The team inspired a generation with the Olympic gold in Rio and this new group is set to inspire another group of players young and old after their success at a home Commonwealth games. So, to the team we say THANK YOU! (and of course, congratulations).

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