d3  Rigid Zinc Oxide Tape

d3 Rigid Zinc Oxide Tape

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d3 Rigid Zinc Oxide Tape

D3 Tape Rigid Zince Oxide Tape

Ideal for both quick repairs before and during activity and post-action recovery, the ultra-strong D3 Tape Rigid Zince Oxide Tape is the perfect strapping tape.

Made with durability in mind, the tape is able to be wrapped around body parts providing strong support, whilst not feeling too constrictive. If exposed to water, the waterproof material simply wicks away any liquid. When applied on areas that require movement during exercise, the tape will allow a comfortable amount of stretch, whilst remaining tight to the body. Made from rayon and cotton, the material is completely latex free. For in-game repairs and quick application, the tape is hand tearable.

Comfortable, supportive and extremely durable the tape is 13.7m long with a width of 38mm, meaning you can ease you injury over many sessions before you achieve full recovery.

D3 Tape's Journey

D3 Tape's goal was to create a range of tapes that were fun, funky, extremely affordable and longer as well as being retail savvy. They wanted to break away from the typical medical based products, making them affordable and lively. D3 Tape consider themselves a sport strapping tape company.

Established in New Zealand in 2010, D3 Tape had a vision to fulfill the consumer needs for a quality and affordable range of sports tape. Since 2010, D3 Tape have gone on to develop a complementary and innovative range of dynamic products that support all people in all sporting and recreational activities. From those with active lifestyles to the professional sportspeople and athletes right the way through to the typical weekend warrior.

Manufacturer Code: DTHR01A