OBO Robo Straight As Hockey Stick
OBO Robo Straight As Hockey Stick

OBO Robo Straight As Hockey Stick


The OBO Robo Straight As - Black is the ultimate in goalkeeping stick technology. The Robo Straight As is made from high-quality carbon to give it the best strength and agility possible. The Straight As is designed like an outfield Hockey Stick.

Product Details

The new ROBO Straight As delivers speed and finesse. 

Designed to be high performing for those keepers at the top of their game. 

The high carbon content delivers a significant rebound, yet soft feel for the best possible playing experience.


  • 80% carbon
  • 20% fiberglass

Shape closer to outfielder sticks yet still in a unique OBO shape which compliments beauty and performance by enhancing stiffness through the mould shaping.

Weighted and balanced to feel light in the hands yet still packing the necessary punch to clear the ball and keep it away from the goal!

OBO Robo Straight As Hockey Stick

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