OBO Youth Body Groin Guard

OBO Youth Body Groin Guard

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OBO Youth Body Groin Guard

The elasticated waistband, side straps and hard plastic cup ensure the ulitmate comfort and protection for junior male goalies.

The Importance of Abdo Guards

Goalkeepers, both Male and Female believe that once they get all the equipment to become a goalkeeper that’s it.  The one area which sometimes in forgotten in the abdomen and groin area.

It has always been the butt of male jokes being hit in the “box”, but it is very important that an abdominal guard is worn by both Men and Ladies playing in goal.

The best type and most common is the all in where the “box” and abdomen are one piece which elastic straps and where possible when playing at the higher levels a double cup protection is best for the males.

Adjusting the guard, most if not all of the new modern Abdo guards have adjustable Velcro straps to make sure the guard fits well and is comfortable to wear.

Finally we highly recommend that you make sure you or your goalkeepers are wearing Abdo guards as being hit in this area can cause some serious injuries.