Osaka Pro Tour Ltd Proto Bow

Osaka Pro Tour Ltd Proto Bow

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Osaka Pro Tour Ltd Proto Bow

Crafted from at least 22 layers of 3K Japanese Carbon Fibre laid down in alternating orientations for the optimal balance between stiffness and the unique Osaka feel. Includes a unique 45°degree woven layer of carbon fibre to increase stiffness, boosting precision and control.

The Osaka Proto bow is designed to be the ultimate specialist stick, shaped to maximize the potential of FIH specifications.

The maximum bow point lies at 200mm from the head with a max height of 24mm.

Very aggressive, slimmed down profile ensures incredible speed and control designed for the drag-flicking elite looking for low bow characteristics and ultimate control.

Construction: 98% Carbon construction with 1% Kevlar and 1% Aramid reinforcements.

Handle: 30mm thick, Osaka Pro Touch Grip - black/buffed, 1.5mm VibraStop foam.

Head: 45 degree angle, 115mm length, 25mm thick.

Weight: Superlight