Ritual Specialist 55
Ritual Specialist 55

Ritual Specialist 55

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Ritual Specialist 55

Drag Flick with speed and control. The Specialist has a scoop moulded into the lower shaft to locate the ball and guide it through the flicking action. Shaped to the maximum allowed specifications, the low curve is positioned 22cm from the base of the head with an aggressive 24mm profile.

Designed for players wanting the maximum drag flicking speed and control at an affordable price.

Key Specs: 535g Weight, 385mm Balance Point, 24mm Bow Height, 220mm Low Bow Point

Head: 45° angle, 116mm length, 24.9mm thick, Silica face

Handle: 30.7mm thick, Super Soft Grip, AntiShock+ Foam

Construction: 55% Carbon, 40% Fibreglass, 5% Kevlar