Ritual Ultra 55
Ritual Ultra 55

Ritual Ultra 55

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Ritual Ultra 55

The Ultra design has an ultra-thin tapered based for advanced 3D skills. Shaped to the maximum allowed specifications, the ultra-low curve is positioned 20cm from the base of the head with an aggressive 24mm profile. Enhanced by a medium balance point, Ultra 55 has an even swing weight so it feels great in the hands when flicking.

Key Specs: 535g Weight, 385mm Balance Point, 24mm Bow Height, 200mm Max Bow Point

Head: 45° angle, 116mm length, 24.9mm thick, Silica face

Handle: 30.7mm thick, Super Soft Grip, AntiShock+ Foam

Construction: 55% Carbon, 40% Fibreglass, 5% Kevlar