Gift Ideas For Field Hockey Umpires

 Gift Ideas For Field Hockey Umpires

We have a range of great gifts for umpires. Shop our list of ideas for the hockey umpire in your life. 

Fox 40 Classic Whistle - £7

You won’t get far as an umpire without a whistle! The original Fox 40 whistle is the one that changed the game (pardon the pun). Stay in complete control of the game with this reliable whistle. Fox 40 Classic Whistle

Grays Hockey Umpire Cards - £5

An umpire also needs to be armed with umpire cards! This TK set of three plastic warning cards comes in a handy protective pouch.

tk hockey umpire cards

Grangers Footwear + Gear Cleaner - £5

Let’s be honest, a lot of time spent umpiring is time spent in the rain! This spray-on cleaner is formulated to remove all dirt, grime and odours from your footwear so you can keep your shoes sparkling clean no matter the weather.

Grangers Footwear + Gear Cleaner

Ritual Bomber Water Bottle - £13

Hydration is key to performance! This extra large 946ml Ritual water bottle is 100% recyclable, easy to flex, easy to open and easy to drink from – perfect when you’re umpiring a game.

Ritual Bomber Water BottleGryphon Key Ring - £4

A perfect gift for a hockey loving umpire! Comes in very useful when they need to write down the score (or the cards!) 

gryphon keyring

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