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  • Luke Southgate: Top 5 Tips For Injury Prevention

    Injury and pain will impact all of us at some point. We all know how frustrating, disheartening and even isolating it can feel when injury prevents us from practising and playing the game we love. In this article I hope to share some simple, proactive measures that every player can implement to reduce the amount of playing time they miss through injury.
  • A Thank You To Our Gold Medal Winners

    The team inspired a generation with the Olympic gold in Rio and this new group is set to inspire another group of players young and old after their success at a home Commonwealth games. So, to the team we say THANK YOU!
  • What Are The Different Hockey Stick Bows?

    Bows, bows and more bows! Where do you start with bows? Pro bows, mid bows, low bows, late bows, concave low bows, standard bows…. Did we miss any?! All joking aside the world of hockey bows is a bit of mine field. It can even boggle us and even the different brands can call their bows different names. Below we have listed the bows and given a little summary on each to help you decide which is the best hockey stick bow/bend for you.

  • Kerry-Anne Hastings: How I Manage Being A Student & An International Athlete

    I look back at my decision and I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to continue my studies, even though those three years brought a rollercoaster of emotions.

  • How Long Do Field Hockey Sticks Last?

    Like any sporting goods it’s highly likely that they will develop dents, chips and scratches owing to the nature of the game (especially if you’re the skilful player who gets stick tackled a lot, or a bit of a chopper yourself in the tackle).

  • What Size Field Hockey Stick Is Right For Me?

    One of the biggest questions we get asked in-store, online via our live chat and over the phone is…. “what size hockey stick do I need?” or “where should a hockey stick come up to?”. We answer these as simply as we can below.

  • Why Are There No Left-Handed Field Hockey Sticks?

    Did you know only 10% (according to Google) of the world is left handed? But does the hand that you hold a pen in, or the way you line up as a cricketer have any affect on the way you should buy a hockey stick?

    In short, no: everyone has to use a stick that faces the same way. All hockey sticks are the same for left-handed and right-handed players. 

  • Hockey Mum Gift Ideas

    Let’s face it, Mums deserve the best. Especially hockey mums who spend their free time driving to games, watching games, helping with teas after the game or playing hockey themselves. The list goes on!
  • Best Hockey Sticks For Beginners

    Choosing your first field hockey stick can sometimes be a bit daunting. Perhaps you’ve never played before, or it’s your child’s first go at a club. We hope the below guide and advice will help you pick your perfect stick.

  • Which Field Hockey Glove Do I Need?

    Gloves to protect your hand come in all shapes and sizes (I guess so do hands!) You need to try some on where possible but here are some of our best-selling protective gloves. 
  • Tom Millington: A Beginner's Guide To Field Hockey Goalkeeping

    Becoming a goalkeeper is one of the steepest learning curves in hockey. There are lots of pitfalls which can take years to uncover but with these top tips we can help you get there more quickly!

  • John Hurst: Clean Sheet

    Goalkeeping is not just a (part of a) game, it is also an Art! We don’t just play, we analyse. Goalkeeping is a beautiful thing!