The Best Hockey Sticks For Backhand Hitting


The backhand hit…. One of the hardest skills in hockey to do correctly (also known as an argie or tomahawk). It has grown hugely in popularity as the game of hockey has progressed, and as sticks have progressed more and more brands have started to designs sticks to specifically aid in making your backhand more effective. So we’ve written this blog to show you some of the best sticks designed to help you with your backhand.



Y1 have massively grown in popularity over the past few years. One big design focus they’ve made is around the location of the stick where we hit backhands. They have flattened off the edge of the shaft more and reinforced this area to ensure really good contact and feel when hitting backhand. We also love the feel you get when hitting either forehand or backhand with the X ranges of the Y1 sticks due to their very high carbon content, allowing for more power. All of the X ranges with the ADB, MR, GLB, LB or YLB all offer the same carbon content which aids the backhand experience. 


Grays AC7

Grays have recently released their new AC range. A range that is different from nearly all other hockey brand sticks. One key area they have focused on is how much performance you can get from a stick. They have done this with their new Dynabow-S shape which truly is different to anyhting we’ve seen before. The feedback we have got is a key area people have loved the performance change with the stick is with the amount of power but also excellent “feel” you get hitting backhand with the AC7. Grays have thickened the low backhand zone which has significantly improved performance for anything looking to really get the most out of their backhand passing and shooting.

TK Black Elephant


The TK Black elephant is in our opinion one of the most striking sticks on the market this year. TK have always made excellent sticks for backhand hitting due to their Japanese carbon content but also their control bow design.  The control bow and slightly thicker set backhand hitting zone allows for amazing consistency whilst also looking the business (if we don’t say so ourselves). The control bow also allows for good predicability when hitting as it does not have an extreme low bow, which can have a tendency to get underneath a hockey ball too easily.

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