Nike Field Hockey Shoe Range


Considering buying a Nike Field Hockey Shoe? Want some more info on them? This blog will give you all the information you need when it comes to the wonderful world of Nike Hockey Shoes. Now this blog won’t be the longest we’ve ever made, as Nike are very new to the field hockey shoe market. However we get so many questions being asked about the Nike shoe range we thought what better way to answer those question via one of our helpful guides!


So why did Nike enter the hockey market?


We all know Nike as a huge footwear specialist when it comes to Football, Basketball, Running, Tennis along with multiple indoor sports. Now they are looking to build their brand within hockey which really came from their aspirations of entering the college and university world in America. Their shoes have proven incredibly popular in USA and has filtered across the pond to the UK and Europe with One Sports Warehouse being the sole provider in the UK for Nike Footwear.


Let’s take a slightly closer look at the range Nike have brought out….


Vapor Drive LTD Tokyo shoe and Nike Vapor Drive LTD SE are exactly the same shoe, the only difference is the colour selection on the sole of the shoe. Nike have followed the hockey route for footwear and focused on waterproofing the sole and surface of the shoe. Grip also being the main focus due to a lot of hockey teams now playing on water base pitches or astroturf the real benefit of these shoes are the grip. We personally love the bright look of the Tokyo’s!



So should you go with Nike for your next shoe purchase? Ultimately it comes down to if the Nike shoe fits your feet, and is suitable for the hockey you play. We love the Nike shoes due to their versatility and ample grip that is offered from their quality materials. We would highly recommend the Nike hockey shoes to anyone looking for a mid-high quality shoe then either of the ranges would suit brilliantly.


Still looking for more information on field hockey shoes?? We have also written an Ultimate Shoe Buying Guide which will give you a full up to date guide on what shoes will suit you best.

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