The Ultimate Guide To Face Masks

Face masks have become an integral part of protection when it comes to penalty corners in hockey. Although it is not compulsory to wear one it is highly recommended due to how fast the ball now travels from drag flicking, hitting and deflections. Now more than ever it is incredibly important if you are part of penalty corner defence that you need your own face mask to ensure your safety.


So which face mask should you get? What are the differences? This guide is here to help you better understand the different masks that are available and which one you should purchase if you need one.



Most face masks are one size. This is due to them having strapping to adjust the sizing of the mask. Only the OOP Face Off mask provides separate sizes and Grays offer junior and senior sizes.



TK offer a range of different face masks, all of which offer amazing all-round protection. Their ranges are the 3.1 , 2 and 1 face masks. The 3.1 is their entry level mask, offering brilliant face protection and is incredibly easy to put on. The 3.1 also comes in 4 different colours, allowing for individuals to know exactly which one is theirs. The 2 and the 1 range offer more protection around the side of the head and especially on the forehead, as this is a very common place for defenders to be hit. The 2 and the 1 range are also made of clear material, allowing for excellent visibility. The 1 range offers the most padding meaning slightly better comfort whilst wearing. Below are some links to these masks on our website! 

TK 3.1  

TK 2 

TK 1 


Mercian’s senior face mask is a brilliant option for any adult player looking for a really comfortable face mask which comes in 4 different colours allowing you to individualise your mask from your team mates. Mercian really focused on allowing as much breathing space within the mask to allow for better comfort, whilst still providing excellent protection. The mouth hole is also slightly large than normal to allow for better ventilation.

To view the Mercian senior mask click here



Grays provide both a junior mask and a senior mask. Their junior mask sizing is designed to fit a circumference of 54-56cm. If the circumference is larger than that measurement then you will need their senior face mask. Both masks offer amazing comfort with extra padding on the front and side of the head, and both are incredibly easy to fit due to their easy strapping design to the rear.

To view the Grays junior mask click here.

To view the Grays senior mask click here



OOP Face off face mask offers the highest protection mask on the market currently; due to it having high tensile steel wire used to protect the front of the face. It is more rigid than other face masks however it does offer the highest amount of protection possible. It is the most expensive mask however if you play a high level of hockey then this will give you huge confidence you are well protected.

To View the OOP Face off masks click here


In a nutshell:

If you are looking for a mask that’s easy to fit, comfortable and offers you great protection, we would recommend any of the TK, mercian or grays masks. If its ultimate protection with slightly less comfortable fit, we would recommend the OOP Face off mask. When it comes to price, you really can’t put a price on a piece of equipment that could ultimately end up saving your life (or at least your teeth) so if you are part of penalty corner defence please don’t wait another season to purchase on. We really do think they are a vital bit of kit!

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