Best Field Hockey Stick For Drag Flicking

What is the best field hockey stick for drag flicking?

At ONE Sports Warehouse we will always give you honest advice for choosing a stick. A lot of the information that brands provide can be complicated, confusing, and not very personal, which is why we wanted to give you a bit of advice below about the best drag flicking sticks.

Is the bow everything when it comes to a drag flicking stick?

It’s not everything! Drag flicking is a really closed skill where the ball is dragged along the floor and then slingshotted off the end of the stick. In short, if you can’t drag flick you can’t just pick up a drag flicking stick and suddenly score goals like this. Will it help? Yes, but you must have the basic fundamentals as part of your hockey skill set first.

Let’s get down to the best bows for drag flicking!

The general rule is that the later the bow on the stick the easier it is to get height on your flicks as you release the ball. This means you want to be looking at low and extra low bow hockey sticks. 

Concave bows are specialised hockey sticks for drag flicking. The concave face allows the ball to say central along the shaft of the stick for as long as possible and provides that slingshot action as you release the ball.

You can read more about hockey stick bows here

Top coaching tips for drag flicking:

  • Stay low
  • Take a large step past the ball
  • Drag the ball in a straight line towards the goal
  • Tuck your left hand into your right forearm 

Best junior drag flicking sticks:

TK 1 Late Bow Junior Hockey Stick

Best mid-range drag flicking sticks:

Mercian Evolution CKF55 XTreme Bow Hockey Stick

Adidas Chaosfury Kromaskin .5 Hockey Stick

TK 2.1 Extreme Late Bow Hockey Stick 

Best top-range drag flicking sticks:

Adidas Shosa Kromaskin .1 Hockey Stick

Gryphon Taboo Striker GXXII Samurai Hockey Stick

Y1 YLB 90 Hockey Stick

Grays AC10 Prowbow-S Hockey Stick

We hope this gives you a little insight into the best drag flicking sticks. If you still need help deciding on the right stick for you, read this blog. If you're ready to shop sticks, you can view the full range here.

For's some drag flicking inspo for you!

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