May 06, 2022

What Are The Different Hockey Stick Bows?

field hockey stick bows explained

Bows, bows and more bows! Where do you start with bows? Pro bows, mid bows, low bows, late bows, concave low bows, standard bows…. Did we miss any?!

All joking aside the world of field hockey bows is a bit of mine field. It can even boggle us and even the different brands can call their bows different names.

Below we have listed the bows and given a little summary on each to help you decide which is the best hockey stick bow/bend for you.

Standard Bow:

A lot of junior hockey sticks and entry level adult hockey sticks will sit in this category. They are sticks that are quite straight and very forgiving so when you hit the ball you don’t mistakenly lift the ball. The downside to these is that working on more advanced skills such as drag flicking, aerials and 3D skills can sometimes be difficult.

Mid Bow:

Mid bows are where you will start to find a lot more entry level/mid-level adult hockey sticks. They have more bow than standard bow sticks but without the ability to flick the ball over your own head! A great option is you want to keep the ball on the pitch and also for hitting the ball.

Pro Bow:

The pro bow sits somewhere between a mid bow and a low bow. A more pronounced bow than the mid bows but often starting much more towards the middle of the stick meaning that the bow can be a little less aggressive when in use.

A fantastic bow for a lot of players especially those transitioning into a higher level from an entry level adult hockey stick or for juniors moving away from junior hockey sticks into adult sticks.

Low Bow:

Now we start to get into the business end of hockey bows. The low bow is the most popular and common bow for adult hockey sticks. These have a much more pronounced bow which can be great (in the right hands) for helping with the more advanced skills like 3D and aerials.

Ultra Low Bow:

These bows are very similar to the late bow sticks, but the bow will start even closer to the hook end of the stick. These sticks are fantastic for the more advanced players who have the ability to control their hitting to keep a ball flat. This type of bow is also great for those who can or aspire to drag-flick, aerial and use 3D skills as a key part of their game.

Concave Bow/Drag-Flicking Bow:

Usually very similar to the ultra-late bow sticks but with a concave face to help the ball stay on the stick for longer and generate power. This bow is a specialised stick for drag-flicking.

To summarise, a big bow is not a good or a bad thing, it’s about finding the balance and what feels right for you. If you’re not sure message us via live chat or come in store. Bigger is not always better, as you need to be able to handle it.

If you think you are ready to buy your hockey stick you can shop now. If you still need more help then feel free to message us on live chat or read more about choosing the right hockey stick for you. 


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