How Long Do Field Hockey Sticks Last?

How long do field hockey sticks last?

The age-old question of how long does a field hockey stick last is actually a very difficult one to answer, but we’ll try!

One thing to note is that sticks do not come with a ‘guarantee’ as you would expect with other items. However brands are 99.9% supportive of replacing sticks that show clear manufacturing faults.

Like any sporting goods it’s highly likely that they will develop dents, chips and scratches owing to the nature of the game (especially if you’re the skilful player who gets stick tackled a lot, or a bit of a chopper yourself in the tackle).

Will a carbon hockey stick longer than a wooden one?

Yes, the nature of the manufacturing process means that the carbon sticks, whilst stiffer mean that they are manufactured in such a way that they are much stronger, especially if you’re playing often, or on a sand based turf a lot.

Does the position I play affect how long my field hockey stick lasts?

No, in short it shouldn’t. All players spend a roughly the same amount of time on the ball so it shouldn’t make a difference. (Depends how you tackle perhaps ;-) )

How do you know when to get a new hockey stick?

Sticks can very quickly show signs of cosmetic faults (chips, scratches, dents etc.) but these may no means mean you need to buy a new hockey stick. It's all part of the hockey game!

Key signs sticks need replacing:

  1. Rattling (this can sometimes be fixed on relatively new sticks)
  2. Damage beyond cosmetic (deep dents, cracks)
  3. Significant signs of impact (internal materials showing)

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