January 17, 2023

How To Re-grip A Hockey Stick

how to regrip a field hockey stick

Want to know how to re-grip a hockey stick? We make it easy for you! 

3 reasons to re-grip a hockey stick

1. You’ve just bought a new stick and you don’t like the original grip on your stick.

2. You’ve got a stick, whether new or old, and you want to put a new grip over your existing grip.

3. Your hockey stick is used and your grip needs to be completely replaced.

Some things to ask yourself when deciding which hockey grip to choose. Do you want a thick finish to your grip? This is often achieved by putting a grip or additional chamois over the top of the original grip. Or, do you want a thinner grip like the original ones installed by the brands? There is no right or wrong and it’s definitely a personal choice. 

Four things you need to grip a stick

  1. Your new grip 
  2. Some stick tape 
  3. A guide - have a look at our youtube video
  4. Patience! 

Step by step on how to re-grip a hockey stick

  • Start at the top of the stick (we’ve heard of people starting at the bottom, but think that’s a bit like pineapple on a pizza, or marmite on a slice of toast!)
  • Make sure the grip is secured at the top (either with a small bit of tape, or by overlapping it on inside to secure it. Then you need to slowly and with lots of tension start to apply your grip slowly down the stick. 
  • TIP: Some stick grips will have adhesive on the back and we’d recommend trying a few times without peeling the wrapper of to test your own technique (you only really get one good go at these). With a chamois (or shammy) grip you get as many goes as you like (before you throw it at the cat [joke]) 

Rather than giving you too many words here’s some useful images of stages:

1. Secure your stick grip at the top.

how to regrip a field hockey stick

2. Start to overlap your grip. Remember to keep tension so there are no gaps or loose overlaps.

how to regrip a hockey stick

3. Continue all the way down to the bottom as far down as you prefer. Cut any access grip off.

how to regrip a field hockey stick

4. Secure the bottom with stick tape.

how to regrip a field hockey stick

5. Secure the top with more stick tape.

how to regrip a field hockey stick

How long will a hockey grip last?

That definitely depends on how much you play. Players will often change a grip once or twice a season, but we’ve also seen players that have kept the same grip on for the whole life of a stick, usually with all kinds of tape and glue to keep it in place.

How much does a hockey grip cost?

A hockey grip will cost between £5 and £20 depending on how many are in the pack. Re-gripping is the fantastic way to refresh your stick, change the feel and get ready for the wet weather.

Do you think you're ready to re-grip your stick? Check out our full range here.

Still need help, watch our Youtube video below.


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