The adidas 24/25 Hockey Stick Range

Adidas 24/25 Stick Range

The wait is over...the brand new adidas range is here! 

For 2045/25 Adidas stick range has seen very little change in terms of stick engineering. However new colour ways for all sticks have given the range a striking new look. Inspired by the Paris Olympics, the colour ways follow the trend of France/Paris throughout. 

Carbon in adidas hockey sticks

Adidas (along with a number of brands) no longer tell you the specific carbon percentages in their sticks but the range consists of:

Kromaskin .1 — A stick fully wrapped in the F1 pioneered technology to allow touch and feel whilst not sacrificing power.

Kromaskin .2  A stick fully wrapped in the F1 pioneered technology but with a slightly softer composition underneath meaning it is a touch more forgiving.

Kromaskin .3 — A stick partially wrapped in the F1 pioneered technology (only to the bottom head end of the stick) means you have fantastic power on hitting but a much more controlled stick for dribbling and receiving the ball.

.4 - .8  A the sticks work down the range the carbon content in the stick drops and the control from the stick goes up.

The Adidas range numbers in a nutshell:

.1 - .3  The stiffest end of the range

.4 - .8  As the numbers get bigger the stick loses carbon content (and therefore power) but gains more control

Youngstar A fully wrapped wooden stick brilliant for junior beginner players

Advanced players usually want a stiffer stick as they have the ability and power to need the composition in these sticks. Entry level players and juniors would want to be looking at the lower end of the range.

Adidas Fabela Hockey Stick Range

The Fabela range is one of two lighter colour ways that Adidas run. It is the same stick as the Estro, just a different colour way.

The Fabela range is the stick in the Adidas range designed for the all round player especially those that don’t necessarily want to throw aerials or drag flick on corners. A mid-bow stick that works well for midfield players looking for control whilst playing.

Adidas Fabela Stick

The range consists of:

Fabela Kromaskin .1

Fabela Kromaskin .2

Fabela Kromaskin .3

Fabela .5

Fabela .6

Fabela .7

Fabela .8

Fabela .8 Junior stick

Adidas Estro Hockey Stick Range

The Estro range from Adidas is the darker colour-way version of the Fabela stick range. The Estro range offers a full range of price points across the Adidas range allowing players to have an all round mid bow stick across a number of different prices.

Adidas Estro Hockey Stick

The range consists of:

Estro Kromaskin .1

Estro Kromaskin .2

Estro Kromaskin .3

Estro .4

Estro .5

Estro .6

Estro .7

Estro .8

Estro .8 Junior stick

Adidas Ruzo Hockey Stick Range

The Ruzo stick from Adidas has a low bow and is designed for players who like the use of 3D skills, aerials and even drag flicking. The low bow allows for ease of lifting the ball and creative dribbling, but for those who feel they may lose control with this bow the Fabela or Estro stick ranges may be more suitable.

adidas ruzo hockey stick

The range consists of:

Ruzo Kromaskin .1

Ruzo Kromaskin .3

Ruzo .4

Ruzo .6

Ruzo .6 Junior stick

Ruzo .8

Adidas Chaosfury Hockey Stick Range

The ultra low bow hockey stick from Adidas. This year's version of this stick gives players the ultimate stick for aerials, 3D skills and dragflicking whilst not compromising on having a flat face on a stick (like the Shosa). 

Adidas Chaosfury Hockey Stick

The range consists of:

Chaosfury Kromaskin .1

Chaosfury Kromaskin .2

Chaosfury Kromaskin .3

Chaosfury .5

Chaosfury .7 

Adidas Ina Hockey Stick Range

The Ina hockey stick range is a lighter colour way of the Chaosfury. The ultra low bow is designed for those players who want to express freedom and creativity in their game. The ultimate stick for 3D skills, deceptive passing and ultimate ball speed.

Adidas Chaosfury Stick

The range consists of:

Ina Kromaskin .1

Ina Kromaskin .3

Ina .4 

Ina .6

Ina .6 Junior Hockey Stick

Adidas Shosa Hockey Stick Range

The marmite stick of the range. It’s certainly not for everyone it has a kink in the stick face, and an ultra low bow profile that offers so much elevation. This is not a stick for beginners or even those beginning to learn the craft of drag flicking. The change in natural profile means that the stick is very very unforgiving for flat skills like slapping and hitting. That said if you want to add extra umph to your drag flicking this is absolutely the stick for you and a real weapon in the right hands.

Adidas Shosa Hockey Stick

Shosa Kromaskin .1

Shosa Kromaskin .3

Shop the full range of adidas sticks here. If you need more help choosing the right hockey stick, read more in our blog.

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