Which Adidas Hockey Shoes Should I Buy?

Which Adidas Shoes Should I Buy?


So you’re looking for your first pair of hockey shoes? For you, for someone else?

You’re looking to replace the battered old pair of hockey shoes you’ve had forever?

You’ve always worn the same shoe and it’s time for a change?

We’ve got all the advice you need below with our helpful guide to the 2023/24 Adidas shoe range.

Adidas LUX Hockey Shoes:

This top-of-the-range unisex shoe from Adidas is a lightweight shoe designed for comfort and speed.

The small tread spikes to the bottom give maximum grip especially when playing on a waterbed surface.

adidas lux hockey shoes

These are a regular fit shoe and have a conventional tongue construction.

Adidas Adipower Hockey Shoes

The Adidas adipower hockey shoes are designed for powerful players who need a lot of grip on the pitch. 

The grip on the bottom is a slightly wider tread than the LUX and is suited to both waterbed and sand-dressed pitches.

adidas adipower hockey shoes

The upper of the shoe is made from recycled plastic making the shoe one of the most sustainable on the market.

The ankle is well built up and offers a lot of support for those prone to ankle rolls.

Adidas Zone Dox Hockey Shoes

These are the third version of this hugely popular shoe from Adidas at a midrange price point for hockey shoes but offering fantastic features.

The shoe is breathable and water resistant so great for players who play in all weather conditions and especially those who play on water-based surfaces every week.

These shoes feature a tread to the bottom from the world-renowned Continental (the people who make tyres!)

The toe cap has a reinforced foam protection pad for those who’s feet often get in the way (sorry umpire).

Adidas Flexcloud Hockey Shoes

Our biggest-selling shoe for the 2022/23 season, this shoe offers fantastic support and comfort whilst being a slightly narrower than normal fit (for those with slightly narrower feet).

The upper of this shoe (much like the Adipower Hockey Shoe) is made from recycled materials which is also breathable.

Adidas Zone Dox Hockey Shoes White

The shoe features a hard rubber toe cap to help with protection from the ball. 

Adidas Divox Hockey Shoes

The Divox hockey shoes are adidas' entry-level offering, and whilst the price may reflect this, the build and quality of the shoe does not.

adidas divox hockey shoes

The shoe features a breathable upper to it and a band that keeps the foot in place.

The same top cap foam protection pad as the Zone Dox Shoe. 

Adidas Fabela X Empower Hockey Shoes

A shoe with cutting-edge running technology driven from the BOOST technology that is in a number of Adidas running shoes.

Lightweight in design and a narrow fit these shoes have a fully integrated tongue (sock-style fit) keeping the foot securely in place.

Additional heel stabilisation provides fantastic support whilst playing.

Water-resistant upper to keep feet dry on wet days and water-based surfaces. 

Adidas Fabela X Empower Hockey Shoes Aqua

Adidas Fabela Zone Hockey Shoes

A fantastic all-round hockey shoe (and a staff favourite) these shoes have a breathable upper made from recycled material.

The shoes are lightweight in their design allowing for quick movements on the pitch.

Adidas Fabela Zone Hockey Shoes Blue

Additional heel support and stability whilst changing direction at high speeds. 

Adidas Fabela Rise Hockey Shoes

One of the best all-round shoes on the market the Fabela Rise offers maximum grip whilst a very reasonable price point.

Adidas Fabela Rise Hockey Shoes Aqua

A breathable mesh upper offers comfort whilst playing.

The grip to the bottom offers the ability to change direction at speed.

Adidas Youngstar Junior Hockey Shoes

A firm favourite with junior players (and adults with small feet!) these shoes offer bright colours and all the class of the senior shoes whilst offering a trainer-like finish.

Adidas Youngstar Hockey Shoes Green

The youngstar shoes are lightweight, and built to allow quick changes of direction on the pitch.

The synthetic finish to the top of the shoe offers a fantastic water-resistant finish.

(Do note VAT is applicable on Size 6+ on this shoe)

Top picks for the Adidas hockey shoe range:

Water-based: Fabela X or LUX. The tread is fantastic to give grip on that slippery surface

Multiple surfaces: Divox or Fabela Rise

Narrow Fit: Fabela X or Zone Dox

Wide Fit: Adipower

Top 5 accessories to go with your new shoes:

No Stink



Wacky Sox

Matching Adidas socks

Are you ready to buy your new adidas hockey shoes? Shop the full range today!

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