Why Are There No Left-Handed Field Hockey Sticks?

Why are there no left-handed field hockey sticks?

Did you know only 10% (according to Google) of the world is left handed? But does the hand that you hold a pen in, or the way you line up as a cricketer have any affect on the way you should buy a hockey stick?

In short, no: everyone has to use a stick that faces the same way. All hockey sticks are the same for left-handed and right-handed players. 

Why are field hockey sticks all right handed?

Interestingly, the FIH (the international hockey federation) do not make it illegal to use a left handed hockey stick, however the specifications leave no room for doubt that a left-handed stick is not permitted.

The stick specifications do not provide alternatives concerning the playing and non-playing side of the stick. Meaning basically they are not legal by default of the rules.

Safety Considerations

Field hockey is a dangerous sport regardless of your dominant hand. But at a junior level to have players being able to hit the ball in different swing directions would be very confusing and often make it even more dangerous.

Can hockey be played left handed?

I guess the question is quite an open one, but would be better asking “can hockey be played by a left handed person?”

The answer is yes! Hockey can be played by left handed people and it is often seen a positive by coaches as the left hand can often be the dominant hand that does a lot of the power generation when hitting and also the control when manipulating the ball.

Field Hockey for left handed players…

Our honest summary is that it make very little difference. It may feel unnatural to start with and we often see juniors put their hands the "wrong way round" when holding the stick. But, you will get used to it! And who knows...you may become an absolute pro on the reverse!

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