10 Best Hockey Gift Ideas For Under £10

field hockey gifts under £10


Shopping for the hockey player in your life has just become a whole lot easier with this guide. All these gifts are under £10 and great for any hockey lover!

Here is your list. You can thank us later!

  1. Smellwell Freshener Inserts
  2. TK Stick Pen
  3. No Stink Deodoriser
  4. Wacky Sox
  5. TK 3.5 Gum Shield
  6. Chamois Grip
  7. Mercian Soft Emoji Hockey Ball
  8. OBO Keyring
  9. Adidas Water Bottle
  10. OPRO Adidas Snap-Fit Gum Shield

1. Smellwell Freshener Inserts - £8

These have been flying off the shelf recently! They are easy to use and hassle free! Put one Smellwell in each shoe or place that needs freshening, leave them over night and in the morning the bad odour will be gone and replaced by a fresh scent. 

smellwell freshener inserts

2. TK Stick Pen - £3.95

Does what it says on the tin. It's a hockey shaped stick pen! Choose from a selection of colours.

tk stick pen

3. No Stink Shoe Deodoriser - £6.50

    We all know how smelly hockey shoes can get, and that’s okay…it’s because we play hard! These deodorisers are the perfect way to keep your shoes fresh, dry and stink free. Simply place the pouch inside your shoe and it will absorb the moisture and make it smell as good as new!No Stink Shoe Deodoriser

    4. Wacky Sox - £10

      Everyone loves Wacky Sox. Available in almost any colour and design you can imagine!  

      Wacky Sox Spearmint Sorbet

      5. TK 3.5 Gum Shield - £4.50

        Something that every hockey player needs…a gum shield! These TK gum shields are built with a gel insert for customisable fit, all you need to do is boil and bite to fit. Choose from a range of colours.

        TK 3.1 Gum Shield Adult

        6. Chamois Grip - £6

          Freshen up your stick with a brand new grip. No matter what conditions you're playing in, you can be assured of the best grip with this Ritual Chamois.

          Ritual Classic Chamois Grip Natural

          7. Mercian Soft Emoji Ball - £3

            A perfect present for a beginner or junior hockey player. This soft emoji balls is great to practice at home or in the garden (without breaking any windows!)

            Mercian Soft Emoji Ball Pink Laughing


            8. OBO Keyring - £5

              One for the hockey goalkeepers out there. For the OBO fanatics, this wristband is designed with the well-known slogan: GOALKEEPERS ARE AMAZING PEOPLE! 

              obo keyring

              9. Adidas Water Bottle - £9

                A minimal and classic design that will keep you hydrated!

                Adidas Performance Water Bottle 750ml White

                10. OPRO Adidas Snap-Fit Gum Shield - £5.50

                  We know how easily gum shields can get lost. The OPRO Adidas Snap-Fit Gum Shield is perfect to keep in your hockey bag as an emergency back up! This mouthguard is designed to give you an instant fit – no boiling required.

                  OPRO Adidas Snap-Fit Gum Shield

                   Want to see more gifts? Have a look at the full list now!

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