June 05, 2023

The Grays 24/25 Hockey Stick Range

Grays 2024/25 Hockey Stick Range

For the 2024/25 range, Grays have released new colourways for the GX5000, GX7000 and GX10000. Along with also changing the colourways for the GR6000 and GR10000.


The New Grays Hockey Stick Colourway Ranges: 

The New GR Colourways: 

The GR6000 has been given a new uplift with a beautiful Pink and Gold colourway.

Whilst the GR10000 has been given an additional uplift with a new Mint and Gold colourway. 


The New GX Colourways: 

Grays have updated the GX5000, GX7000 and GX10000 to bring a real classical look to the GX range. With a sharper Matt finish to the 3 ranges, whilst still keeping their classical colours that make them so popular. 




The Grays Hockey Stick Ranges

AC (Aerocore) 

The AC range is the flagship range from Grays. When the range launched in 2021, it completely changed the landscape of what was possible with a hockey stick.

The stick carries the AeroCore technology which is an aerospace grade technology within each stick. Very sharp angles and aggressive angular shapes. The Apex head shape in some of the AC sticks is designed to trap more accurately, block more confidently and strike more aggressively.

GR (Graphene) 

The GR range is an adaption of the long standing GX range with the addition of the Graphene layering in the stick giving the sticks the most power across all three ranges. Graphene is exceptionally strong and light .

GX (Composite)

Grays entry-Level range offers fantastic composition whilst not a breaking the bank. GX sticks offer a well-balanced level of power and control.

Grays Hockey Stick Bows

Ultra-Low Bows

NEW Probow-S - designed for fast paced play specifically aiding 3D skills, drag flicking & aerials. New Apex headshape offers greater reverse-trapping stability & lighter pickup for faster hand speed. Improved, LBZ (Low Backhand Zone) is more clearly defined than ever before, with a larger surface area stabilising contact between stick & ball - delivering a cleaner strike, more of the time.

Probow - engineered for 3D skills. Excellent for drag flicking whilst the straight rear profile allows consistent execution of reverse stick passes and shots.

Jumbow - traditional low bow blade profile designed for drag flicking and aerials. Designed for maximum power. Favoured by many top international players.

Example ultra-low bow Grays sticks:

AC10 Probow-S

GR10000 Jumbow

GR9000 Probow

AC8 Probow-S

GR7000 Jumbow

AC7 Jumbow-S

GR6000 Probow

GR5000 Jumbow

Low Bows

NEW - Dynabow-S - offers exceptional handling & power for all-round performance. New Vertex headshape promotes better ball-carrying position & reinforced rear profile offers improved power when hitting. Improved LBZ (Low Backhand Zone) is more clearly defined than ever before, with a larger surface area stabilising contact between stick & ball delivering a cleaner strike, more of the time. 

Dynabow - sweeping curve with slim mid-section and quick hand movements. Ideal for all round gameplay, handling and passing.

Example low bow Grays sticks:

GR10000 Dynabow

AC9 Dynabow-S

GR8000 Dynabow

AC7 Dynabow-S

GR6000 Dynabow

AC5 Dynabow

Mid Bows

Midbow - continuously contoured along the length of the blade. Rear power groove offers improved torsional stability and the enhanced LBZ provides greater consistency when reverse hitting.

Ultrabow - the straightest Grays profile. The gradual bow is designed for learning and executing the core skills of the game.

Example mid bow Grays sticks:

GR70000 Ultrabow

GR5000 Ultrabow

GR4000 Dynabow

GX3000 Ultrabow

Composition in Grays Hockey Sticks:

Grays alongside many other leading brands like Adidas and Gryphon don’t tell us their carbon content, instead Grays give us really good information on the Power and Control that a stick offers a player. The rough breakdown is the more power you receive from a stick, the less control you get.


Energy transfer from the stick to the ball, measured by outbound ball velocity and influenced by stick stiffness. The higher the outbound ball velocity, the higher the power rating.

Top stick for Power > GR9000 | GR10000


Energy absorption of the stick when receiving the ball determines the rebound properties, measured by the COF. The lower the COF, the higher the control rating.

Top sticks for Control > AC7 | GR8000


Fast-paced 3D skills require optimum hand speed, governed by a combination of dead weight and balance point; the higher the balance point and the lighter the deadweight, the higher the speed rating.

Top sticks for Speed AC10 | AC9 | AC8

Our staffs favourite picks from the Grays range:

Simon - GR9000 Probow - Highest power in the range with a striking colour way

Lynne - GR4000 Dynabow - Great price point and an all round stick

Matty - GR10000 Dynabow - Fantastic power behind the ball when hitting/ slapping 

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