June 24, 2024

The Y1 2024/25 Hockey Stick Range

Y1 Stick Range 2024/25

This year Y1 (like many brands) have designed their sticks with the Paris 2024 Olympics in mind later this year. Whilst the Y1 sticks have kept their colours they're so popularly known for, there are hints of Paris woven through every one of their stick designs. 
You will find Paris landmarks and french street art that has taken the inspiration for the 2024/25 designs. 

Carbon content in Y1 hockey sticks

Y1 have continued their theme of numbering their carbon content on their sticks, making it incredibly simple and easy to understand how much carbon is in each model of stick. The key difference for this year being nearly all of their X stick range (highest carbon content) have far more of the signature colour covering the stick. 

X – 95% carbon utilising their state of the art Swedish X Carbon Technology

90 – 90% Premium Japanese Carbon

70 – 70% Premium Japanese Carbon

50 – 50% Premium Japanese Carbon

30 – 30% Premium Japanese Carbon

Y1 hockey stick bows

Alongside their easy-to-understand carbon content Y1 also have 6 different bow profiles and here’s is our easy-to-understand guide to each bow.

YLB – Ultra low bow stick with a concave face

LB – Low bow stick with square face

GLB/GGLB – Low bow hockey stick with squared face and large backhand zone

AH LTD - Low bow stick with a white face for drag flicking designed by Alex Hendricks. 

Envo LB LTD - First carbon neutral Y1 low bow stick. 

MR – Low bow stick with a thinned profile

ADB – Low bow/mid bow stick giving the perfect balance between both bows

MB – A mid bow stick

ELB 2.0 – A stand alone stick within the Y1 range


Y1 YLB hockey stick range

Y1's most aggressive bow design along with their only concave design. A very popular choice with all drag flickers, their knife head design is made to make 3D skills and reverse lifting easier, whilst Durashock blend end cap is there to improve shock absorption. 

YLB 50 

YLB 70 

YLB 90 


Y1 YLB X hockey Stick Y1 YLB Hockey Stick

Y1 LB hockey stick range 

For those players still wanting a low bow design to help with drag flicking, arials and 3D skills, but who don't want the concave face design. The LB has proven one of the most popular sticks in the Y1 range due it sitting nicely between the YLB range and ADB range. 

LB 30 

LB 50 

LB 70 

LB 90 


 Y1 LB X Hockey stickY1 LB X Hockey Stick

Y1 GLB/GGLB hockey stick range

The GLB/GGLB range has proven also one of the most popular sticks within the range for the 2023/24 season. The striking pink and green colours proving very popular. Still classed as a low bow profile, whilst focusing on the backhand skill which is becoming ever more useful in our sport. It will still have the flattened backhand edge to make backhand hitting more consistent. 

GLB 30 

GLB 50 

GLB 70 

GLB 90 


GGLB 30 

GGLB 50 

GGLB 70 

GGLB 90 


 Y1 GLB/GGLB RangeY1 GLB Hockey Stick

Y1 MR hockey stick range

Y1 have labelled the MR as a midfielder's dream hockey stick. They have focused on keeping the profile thin whilst re-inforcing the stick with the Y1 power bar and touch toe technology; all of which is focusing on quality touch and feel when receiving/passing and shooting... everything a hockey midfielder needs to be good at. 

MR 30

MR 50

MR 70 


 Y1 MR Hockey StickY1 MR X Hockey Stick

Y1 ADB hockey stick range

The ADB range this year has the advanced dribble bow. This is there to ensure the player has exceptional control whilst dribbling along with great touch when passing the ball. Less aggressive bow than the GLB and LB range meaning it's a great pick for players who prioritise their first touch and passing over 3D skills and drag flicking. 

ADB 30 

ADB 50 

ADB 70 

ADB 90 


 Y1 ADB Hockey StickY1 ADB X Hockey Stick

Y1 MB hockey stick range 

Y1's specifically designed mid-bow stick. The MB range has a much more gradual bow profile, designed specifically for consistency and predictability. Hitting and slapping being two of the most focused skills for the MB to help with when it comes to consistency. 

MB 70 


 Y1 MB Hockey Stick Y1 MB X Hockey Stick


Y1 Envo LB Limited Edition hockey stick range

Y1's first ever neutral carbon negative hockey stick. Using hemp Textreme to specifically target vibration reduction. They have also used cork grip for extra cushioning throughout the grip location.



Y1 ENVO X Hockey Stick


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