Field Hockey Kit For Beginners

field hockey kit for beginners

As someone who is new to hockey, the world of hockey equipment can seem daunting! Don’t worry, whether you’re a junior or senior, here’s our essential shopping list for beginner hockey players: (you can also watch our Youtube video)


Yes, we’d actually go for this before a stick as it’s such an important bit of kit. Starting at about £5 here’s some of our favourites:

Entry Level - TK 3.1 Gumshield

Mid Level - OPRO Adidas Silver Gum Shield

Top Level - SISU 1.6 Aero Gumshield

Our one bit of advice with gumshields/ mouth guards is that the more you spend the more protection you get. 

Hockey Stick 

So you’ve just started playing, or a young player has just shown an interest in hockey. Our advice is easy: find a budget and then work within that budget.

We’ve written a brilliant blog on choosing a hockey stick and how to size a hockey stick which you can read here.

adidas hockey stick


This is slightly more tricky as everyone is different. The quality of material and level of protection in shinpads will increase as you go up the price brackets.

If you can’t get in store to see us here’s a few of our favourites:

Shinpads £8-£15 - Grays Shield Shinpads

Shinpads £15-£25 - Grays G600 Shinpads & Y1 S1 Shinpads

Shinpads £25+ - Adidas Shinpads & Mercian Evolution 1 Shinpads


For all beginners, we’d usually suggest you go and try a few sessions first, even a few games.

Gloves aren’t for everyone, but we can’t recommend them enough. Especially if you are somewhat of a blank canvas you’ve got nothing to compare wearing one to, why would you not put one on?

Left handed gloves are the most popular as this will be the hand lowest to the floor when making a tackle.

Junior hockey gloves for beginners:

TK 5 Junior Hockey Glove

Grays Anatomic Pro Glove

Senior hockey gloves for beginners:

Grays Touch Glove

Y1 MK8 Shell Glove

field hockey gloves


Important that whilst you may not have the experience you need to look the part!

Grips & Tape

Wacky Sox

Water bottles

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