July 24, 2023

The Mercian 23/24 Hockey Stick Range

mercian 23.24 rangeThe Mercian Range is probably one of the easiest ranges on the market to understand.


Firstly, Mercian can be broken down into two different ranges.

Genesis Range

The Mercian Genesis hockey stick range is ideal for players wanting to develop their hockey skills. The Genesis range is perfect for beginner and entry level hockey players due to the low to mid levels of carbon composition which gives lots of control and feel. The range showcases bright colours for really eye catching sticks.

Evolution Range

The Mercian Evolution range are a collection of hockey sticks for intermediate to advanced level players. These hockey sticks offer higher levels of carbon for ultimate power. The range also includes the more advanced bows for skills like drag flicking and aerials. Designed with clean and classy colour ways and subtle colour changes to differentiate the sticks in the range.

The Mercian Hockey Stick Bows

The bows on hockey sticks can be very complicated but below are some visuals of us trying to make the choice as easy as possible.

Here’s our rundown from lowest/latest bow to the straightest.

Mercian Hockey Bows

Xtreme Bend - The name gives it away: it’s a super aggressive ultra late bow stick that is fantastic for those drag flicking and aerial-throwing players. If you’re not used to the bow it can take a while to get used to. The stick also has a flattened backhand zone and a flattened head for ease of lifting the ball. 

Ultimate Bend - This stick bow has the same profile as the Xtreme bend. A bow this low can really help with 3D skills and drag flicking.

Pro Bend - A low bow profile. The bow starts slightly higher up the stick and is not quite as extreme as the ultimate or xtreme. A fantastic stick for all round players who like to have the ability to lift the ball but perhaps isn’t a skill they use all the time.

Mid Bend- This profile is a much more traditional profile and suits players who like to keep the ball flat on the floor. This bow is great for slapping or hitting the ball and gives players lots of control over keeping their passes or shots flat. The less severity in the bow however will make any lifting skills more difficult.

Standard Bend - Seen in the entry level sticks, this is the bow for all beginners/ intermediate players. A straight stick that allows for more control and ideal for learning the basics. 

What is the best Mercian hockey stick for dragflicking?

When chosing a Mercian stick for dragflicking you would be looking at either the Ultimate or Xtreme bow sticks. You would also want one with a high carbon content for power. Here are our top picks.

Mercian Elite CKF90 Ultimate Hockey Stick


Mercian Evolution CKF75 Ultimate Hockey Stick

Want to know more about the best dragflicking sticks check out our helpful blog 

What are Mercian hockey sticks are made of?

Mercian are one of the remaining brands to give us the information of what a stick is made of.

The number of the hockey stick model reflects the amount of carbon fibre in a stick, below are a few examples:

CF5 - 5% carbon

CKF35 - 35% carbon

CF95 - 95% carbon

For full information of the composition of each stick, have a read of their product descriptions.

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