The Y1 23/24 Hockey Stick Range

y1 hockey range 23/24


The new Y1 2023/24 range- the “Y1 Africa” range- is here. 

For 2023, Y1 have taken their inspiration from the African continent with eye catching colours and some vivid patterns across all designs.

Their 23/24 Africa range aims to shine a light on the amazing art and culture from Africa. As part of Y1's mission to 'Reinvent The Game', their team is travelling to Ghana to help grow the game and provide communities with access to hockey equipment. 

This season, Y1 have released a brand new stick...the Y1 ELB 2.0 Hockey Stick. A stick that revolutionises the surface area on the head of a stick to make trapping the ball the easiest it has ever been.

Y1 have also released a new range of 30% carbon sticks in some of the most popular bows. 

Carbon content in Y1 hockey sticks

Y1 are a brand who display the carbon content for their hockey sticks. Their top of the range X sticks have the highest level of carbon as well as a Swedish carbon wrap. All other sticks in the senior range have a premium Japanese carbon to enhance the quality, feel and finish of the sticks.

The Y1 range and their carbon composition could not be easier:

X – 95% carbon utilising their state of the art Swedish X Carbon Technology

90 – 90% Premium Japanese Carbon

70 – 70% Premium Japanese Carbon

50 – 50% Premium Japanese Carbon

30 – 30% Premium Japanese Carbon (Brand new for the 2023/24 season) 

Y1 hockey stick bows

Alongside their easy-to-understand carbon content Y1 also have 6 different bow profiles and here’s is our easy-to-understand guide to each bow.

YLB – Ultra low bow stick with a concave face

LB – Low bow stick with square face

GLB/GGLB – Low bow hockey stick with squared face and large backhand zone

MR – Low bow stick with a thinned profile

ADB – Low bow/mid bow stick giving the perfect balance between both bows

MB – A mid bow stick

ELB 2.0 – A stand alone stick within the Y1 range

Y1 YLB hockey stick range

The YLB range have an aggressive low bow a concave face. The concave face will make the stick a firm favourite with drag flickers but may deter less advanced players owing to it’s lack of a square face. The YLB stick also features a reinforced backhand zone to allow for power and precision when executing backhand shots and passes.

Y1 LB Hockey Stick Range

The LB range have a low bow which features a thinned head to allow you lift the ball much easier than many sticks on the market. The stick bow is hugely popular with players who like to explore lifting the ball and those who like to throw aerials and drag flick and short corners.

The stick has been a firm favourite in the range and suits those who like to drag flick the ball (for other drag flicking stick options check our useful blog).

Y1 GLB Hockey Stick Range

The GLB stick range from Y1 have low bows with a squared face and backhand zone allowing for consistent flat hitting on both the forehand and backhand. The bow allows for easy lifting/ 3D skills, dragflicking and aerials.

The square backhand zone was developed two seasons ago by Y1 and makes the use of the reverse very easy.

Y1 GGLB Hockey Stick Range

The GGLB Stick Range was a late addition to the range in 2022/23 and runs as a complete identical to the GLB range, the only difference is the colourway and accents are all in green and not pink.

Simply put the GGLB is the same as the GLB range but… in green!

 Y1 MR Hockey Stick Range  

The MR range has been designed with the modern midfielder in mind. It has a thin, lowbow profile and is balanced to allow for speed of dribbling. The new “touch toe” technology in the head allows for speed of dragging the ball when eliminating. 

Y1 ADB Hockey Stick Range

The ADB range has been developed with a thinned blade profile and is a fantastic choice for players looking to combine dribbling, 3D skills and passing from all positions in the pitch. Perfect for a fullback who likes to carry the ball or a creative midfielder looking for the ultimate stick to aid passing.

Described by Y1 and the “perfect all-rounder stick”.

Y1 MB Hockey Stick Range

The MB range was designed by England and GB Anna Toman. This is the only true midbow stick in the Y1 range, and one of only a few in the hockey market. The gradual bow on the MB stick range allows for enough bow to lift the ball while not compromising the ability to slap or hit the ball.

For those players who like to hit and slap and predominately keep the ball on the floor, this would certainly be a strong contender.

Y1 ELB 2.0 Hockey Stick

New for the 2023/24 season Y1 have tried to create a stick that makes an impact both visually, but most importantly makes the ability to trap a ball much easier. We have tried the ELB 2.0 in store and it does make a difference, the stick has a mid level carbon content to make the stick slightly softer than their 70 or 90 range.

Shop the full range of Y1 sticks here. If you need more help choosing the right hockey stick read more in our blog.

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